Moving rally “Ezhuka Tamila” in Paris for justice and rights.22/06/2022.

The “Ezhuka Tamila” uprising was organized by a group of Tamil nationalist organizations to demand justice for the genocide perpetrated against the Tamil people by the Sinhalese chauvinist government in Sri Lanka and to defend the sovereignty of the Tamils. Interestingly, this event was youth-led.

The event brought together eminent personalities from French municipalities, people in love with emancipation, and many other people with real emotions. This national flag hoisting event of EELAM TAMOUL took place on 22.06.2022 at 15:00. On this occasion, the French national flag was hoisted by the Deputy Mayor of Vitry-sur-Seine, Mr. Albertino Ramaël, then the national flag of Tamil EELAM was hoisted by Mrs. Eelanathi. People stood in ecstasy carrying the national flag of Tamil Eelam waving. After the introductory speech, Mr. Kularaj, the organizer of the younger generation, gave a presentation on the inaugural event, which was followed by a performance of ‘PARAI’ by the senior artists. Then the speeches were given by the municipal councilor of [Jewish town] Mr. Guillaume de Souch, Deputy Mayor of [Vitry-sur-Seine] Mr. Albertino Ramaël, Deputy Mayor of [Bondy] Mrs. Katie, Departmental Councilor [Seine Saint Denis] Oldhynn PIERRE.

Mrs. Cathy JANKOWSKI, Deputy Mayor of the Commune of Bondy, and Bondy councilor Premi Prabhakaran were present on behalf of the municipality of Bondy in the assembly. The speeches in French were presented by Ms. Ammu Ranjithkumar, and Ms. Ilakia Edward Lewis.

Tamil National Activist M.Pon.Nayagan, Member of Courneuve City Council Ms. Sukurna Sriganes, Mr. Tamilarasan, Mr. Suthanraj, Noisy le sec City Councilor El hadj Mahmoud ba also delivered speeches to each other specials. A moving poem was presented by the poet Vanniyur Croos. and after play “Dog Missing” was performed in the best expression of senior artists Mr. Dayanidhi and Mayilaiyur Indra. The room was well situated in the atmosphere of the people gathered, the sensitizers.

The people of the Tamil race demanded that the French government must help us to obtain justice for the genocide perpetrated against our Tamils and that the humanitarian French government needs to help the Tamils to ”preserve and use our national identities, which were followed by our ancestors, and to obtain the status and the release of our relatives who were lost in enforced disappearance during the war.” In the end, Mr. Guna gave the vote of thanks and the event came to end peacefully without any hindrance with the display of the national flags and the song “Believe Tamil Eelam Will Rise Tomorrow”.

Uyir Thamizh.

முந்தைய கட்டுரைபாரிசில், நீதிக்காகவும்,உரிமைக்காகவும் நடைபெற்ற “எழுக தமிழா” உணர்ச்சிபூர்வ ஒருங்கிணைவு. 22/06/2022
அடுத்த கட்டுரைதாய்த்தமிழகம் ஈழத்தமிழ் ஏதிலிகளை ஏன் கைவிட்டது?

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